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Children and Parents

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me,
‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” (Fred Rogers)

Yitzi specializes in therapeutic support for families, parents and children dealing with emotional, behavioral, physical, inter-personal and familial challenges, and with difficulties at school.


In working with children and parents Yitzi focuses on:



  • Difficulties at school, in social and interpersonal settings

  • The parent-child relationship

  • Anxiety disorders, depression and mood swings

  • Trauma and bereavement

  • Outbursts of anger and tantrums



In Yitzi’s therapeutic work with children, the parents and children are an integral element of the therapeutic process. A child’s evolving capacity to feel unrestricted and contained in therapeutic meetings is of great importance to this process. Treatment with children makes their symptoms thinkable and enables them opportunities to experience the inner workings of their emotional world. Hereby, loosening strict and coercive bindings to symptoms and behaviors and to what grownups may perceive as “difficult” or “uncommunicative”.


The freedom to dive into the emotional anguish and its physical manifestations, leads to successfully helping children evolve their internal emotional world and continue their healthy development.


The Importance of Play

The therapeutic play is a key element in Yitzi’s work with children, and his clinical experience attests to its great importance in the therapeutic process with children. “Playing” with children is integral in the session and the therapeutic journey and is necessary for gaining the children’s trust. The ability to play is a vital developmental milestone for the children’s emotional and physical health, and is therefore given emphasis in treatment.


The Parents and Children

In all therapeutic work with children, an emphasis is placed on the importance of parental involvement in the process. Children and parents both participate in the first sessions in order to outline a therapeutic plan tailored to the needs of the children and their family. At the same time, there is always a degree of flexibility, and the parents and children are involved throughout in shaping the most suitable course of therapy.

To schedule a meeting call +1(773)-492-4495 or 972-530823-1031
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